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Hi! I’m Reuben and I help people understand people better.

Who I am depends on which part of my life you know me from - a hotelier, a banker, a marketing consultant, an award-winning photographer or a teacher. Needless to say, the career paths have been wide and varied.

But then again, so are the hobbies. I once took flying lessons (2002) and I think I can still fly a Cessna 172 with a bit of practice. Did I also mention that I am a chronic optimist? 😂

These days, I am a Behavioural Consultant at EPIPEOPLE CONSULTANTS, which I co-founded with some seriously cool people and have other seriously cool people who work in forward-thinking organisations as our clients. We believe people who are motivated by their own curiousity and driven by their own purpose are more productive. My personal mission is to empower people intrinsically.

This blog is meant for me to archive my learnings, thoughts and musings as I learn and teach new things on the topics of leadership, organisational behaviour and personal productivity.

If you’re looking for a speaker’s profile, it’s at 😊